Logitech Scribe

JIBB is cutting-edge software that boosts collaboration in hybrid workplaces by transforming physical whiteboards into digital canvases. JIBB turns your existing camera into a whiteboard content camera with no extra hardware.

How does JIBB compare with Logitech Scribe?

Main Differences Explained

JIBB is a software solution VS Scribe's single purpose hardware solution. JIBB offers broader compatibility, integrating with various camera systems, and enhances meetings with real-time digital collaboration for both in-room and remote participants.

Scalable Software Solution
Integrated with Cisco Room Devices
Compatible with any Webcam
Compatible with Any Whiteboard
Compatible with Any Glassboard or Flipchart
Remote Participant Annotation
Smart Auto-Save Summary
Content Enhancement
Presenter Removal
Perspective Correction
Auto Surface Detection
1 - Software vs Hardware

Scalable Software Solution

One of the biggest challenges of finding the right whiteboard content camera is judging how fast you can scale the solution within your business. Every other product on the market is hardware-based.

The problem with this is that extra hardware requires networking considerations and maintenance. The other issue, especially when looking at single-purpose hardware like Logitech Scribe, is that professional installation is required, which can take weeks to months, depending on the number of rooms that need the solution.

JIBB is a software-based solution that can work with your existing devices. JIBB can be installed at scale in a single sitting without extra maintenance.

2 - Surface Type

Surface Compatibility Matters

Deciding on a whiteboard content camera can come down to whether or not you have the right surface type. Some solutions offer several surface compatibilities, whereas others only cater to whiteboards.

JIBB works with all surface types, whether a Whiteboard, Glassboard, or Flipchart, whereas Logitech Scribe only works with whiteboards.

3 - Surface Size

Covering All Surface Sizes

All other solutions on the market are limited to a certain size of surface. This typically prevents rooms with larger surfaces from being shared within hybrid meetings.

JIBB’s powerful AI technology can recognize any size, putting no limit on your meeting room design.

4 - Surface Movabilty

Flexible Meeting Room Solution

Meeting rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and it's important to have the flexibility to move items around to fit your needs for that meeting.

Solutions like Logitech Scribe lock you into having the whiteboard on the wall in a fixed position. If your office uses whiteboards with wheels so they can move around freely, you won’t be able to use this solution.

JIBB works as long as the camera can see the whiteboard even from 90 degrees, meaning you can move the board around freely.

5 - Remote Participation

Enhancing Hybrid Collaboration

While many whiteboard content cameras on the market facilitate the presentation of your board within online meetings, they often fall short of fully engaging remote participants in the collaborative process.

This partial solution can exacerbate meeting inequity and fuel frustration among hybrid teams. JIBB allows remote participants to join the board and collaborate with those in the office.

6 - Auto-Save

Smart Whiteboard Summary

One of the most frustrating parts of collaborating on a whiteboard is pausing the conversation flow to take a photo or write notes.

This leads to prolonged meetings and lower-quality discussions. JIBB’s unique Auto-Save feature captures each key moment on the board with AI and creates a summary PDF for you at the end of the session.

This innovative feature streamlines the process and enhances the overall collaborative experience.

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