JIBB Datasheet

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to understanding how JIBB's innovative software works. Learn about JIBB's features, security protocols, integration capabilities, compatible hardware and writing surfaces.

1. About JIBB

Effortlessly share whiteboard content in video meetings with JIBB, an AI-powered software solution that transforms any camera into a content camera for Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and other leading video conferencing platforms, without the need for dedicated hardware.

Example of JIBB in meeting room scenario
JIBB is a Software Solution for Enhanced Video Conferencing:

Developed for hybrid teams, JIBB turns any standard camera into a content camera, digitizing whiteboard content into video meetings for collaboration. Now, remote participants can interact with the whiteboard content in real-time, ensuring everyone feels equal.  

With a straightforward setup that requires no single purpose hardware, JIBB integrates seamlessly into your existing video conferencing setup, making it a cost-effective and flexible solution. Together with the intuitive software interface, JIBB also includes real-time digital annotation and collaboration features, ensuring an engaging and interactive meeting experience for all participants, regardless of location.

2. Share in Any Meeting

You can share your whiteboard in Webex, Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, and any other video conferencing platform of your choice.

3. Enterprise Security

Certified by

JIBB aligns with Process Unity (formerly Cyber GRX) for risk assessment and AWS FTR for further regulatory compliance.

Click here to request a 3rd party risk assessment.

AWS Hosted(Amazon Web Services):

JIBB solution is built on a secure foundation provided by AWS and here are some of the key security benefits of using AWS hosting: Data Protection, Identity and Access Management, AWS offers Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), DDoS Protection, Monitoring and Logging, CloudTrail and CloudWatch, Disaster Recovery.

Data Encryption:

The use of advanced encryption techniques to protect user data. This ensures that data is secure from unauthorized access or interception.

Data Purging:

All the images captured by the camera are immediately deleted after AI processing and JIBB doesn’t store any user data during or after the session, ensuring privacy and data integrity.

End-to-End Encryption:

The implementation of end-to-end encryption, which ensures that data remains encrypted throughout its entire journey, from the sender to the recipient.

Privacy Protection:

Commitment to protecting user privacy by attaching to strict data protection and privacy regulations.

Secure Data Flows:

Ensuring that all data flows, whether within the organization or with external partners, are encrypted to prevent data breaches.

User Authentication:

Strong user authentication methods to ensure that only authorized individuals can access sensitive data.

Access Controls:

Implementation of access controls to limit data access to only those who need it, based on roles and responsibilities.

Regular Security Audits:

Conducting periodic security audits and assessments to identify vulnerabilities and ensure continuous security improvement.

4. Cisco Room Series Integration

Elevate your collaborative experience with JIBB’s seamless integration for Cisco room devices. With the one-touch start feature on the Cisco Room Navigator, initiating a JIBB session is simplified to a mere tap.

The camera will automatically snap to the predefined setting upon pressing the JIBB button, opening up the device output browser, and automatically detecting your whiteboard. Once the session is over you can press stop on the navigator which will automatically send a PDF to the company’s pre-defined inbox.

This intuitive feature eradicates any technical barriers, allowing teams to dive straight into productive discussions.

5. Deployment & Scalability

On Device:

Experience a smooth, hassle-free deployment of JIBB on your Webex devices with On-Device Macros. These snippets of code allow for quick setup and customization, all within your existing setup without the need for extra cables or hardware. Just a few simple steps and your device is tailored to your needs.

Webex Workspace Integration:

Enable effortless activation and management of services across multiple devices simultaneously through cloud operations. These software-driven external integrations eliminate the need for setup on individual devices, simplifying roll-outs and working seamlessly with your existing setup.

6. App Management

On Device:

With the local configuration, you have the autonomy to manage updates manually via the JIBB configuration page. This personalized management allows you to tailor the update process to your precise needs, ensuring a bespoke scalability solution.

Webex Workspace Integration:

Experience ease with the cloud-based Webex integration, which automates updates, ensuring your setup remains current with minimal effort. This streamlined approach promotes effortless scalability and management, adapting seamlessly to your evolving needs without manual intervention.

7. JIBB's Technology

JIBB is a patented, one-of-a-kind software technology that uses AI to detect your writing surface and only extract and display your handwritten content and ignore people and objects so your whiteboarding session is clear, accurate and distraction free.

Whiteboard Detection

JIBB’s AI technology is trained to automatically detect writing surfaces, such as a whiteboard, lapboard, flipchart, and glassboard.

Presenter Removal

JIBB’s AI can remove objects by identifying and ignoring items such as whiteboard erasers, magnets, people, pens, or any other objects that might get in the way of the camera.

Perspective Correction

JIBB’s AI  processes the images in real time and intelligently adjusts them for skewing so your content is represented accurately from any angle.

8. JIBB's Core Features

Digital Annotation:

Enhance participant engagement by facilitating real-time annotation over the whiteboard content. Participants can easily join the interactive session by scanning the Workspace QR code or via a short URL.

Smart Auto-Save:

JIBB’s Auto-Save uses a smart AI algorithm to take snapshots after each significant change and emails a PDF to the pre-defined inbox at the end of the session.

Adjustable Capture:

Take control with the ability to customize your surface, allowing you to capture either the entire whiteboard or zero in on a specific area according to your preferences.

9. Writing Surface Compatibility

JIBB accommodates various whiteboard types including walls, traditional, modular, glassboards, and flipcharts.

Its versatility extends to any whiteboard size.

10. Camera Compatibility

JIBB operates effectively with built-in webcam and external USB cameras while offering integration with Cisco Room Series Devices. Performance is influenced by camera quality and zoom capability.

11. Compatible Cisco Devices

JIBB is compatible with any USB and PTZ cameras, including those from Cisco. Additionally, JIBB integrates natively with any Cisco Room Device. Please refer to the list below.

12. Technical Specifications

Supported Cisco Device Operating Systems

Latest versions of:
- RoomOS Stable Channel
- Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR mode)

Supported Browsers for JIBB Webapp

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge

Required Network Bandwidth:

Minimum load speed of 10Mbps

Supported Internet Protocols


13. Support Contacts


Contact our support team directly.
Global support available 24/7.

Support Ticket

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Contact Support

9 am-5 pm Pacific Time (PT)

(669) 800-4258

JIBB is headquartered in the USA

440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale,
CA 94085, United States

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