JIBB is a verified Cisco Solutions Plus Partner

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“Cisco and JIBB take hybrid work to the next level”

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Innovation Unleashed

JIBB is thrilled to be a certified Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner, making our innovative solutions readily available on the Cisco Global Price List (GPL) and Cisco AppHub.

Our integration with Cisco enhances collaborative efforts, streamlining workflows and elevating productivity across teams.

Pricing & Ordering Guide

JIBB Room Licenses

You can try JIBB first with our Pilot Plan, or purchase Room Licenses directly from your existing Cisco reseller.

JIBB Pilot Plan

$985 (Prepaid one-time charge)
3 x Room Licenses for 6 weeks

Ordering Guide for Cisco Resellers via CCW:

JIBB Room License

Contact Sales for enterprise volume pricing or go to our pricing page to see what's included.

Ordering Guide for Cisco Resellers via CCW:

Value for Cisco Devices & Customers

One device.
No extra hardware.

Turn Cisco devices into an AI-driven whiteboard content camera. Share, collaborate and save your whiteboard content without the need to buy more hardware.

One touch.
No extra steps.

With a tap on the Cisco Room Navigator's JIBB button, the camera snaps to your whiteboard, enabling real-time writing and sharing.

One destination.
No extra concerns.

Every key moment is captured with Auto-save and securely sent to your inbox as a pdf, ensuring no idea is lost. Keep important IP secure and off employees' personal mobile devices.

Enterprise Security

JIBB takes Data Security & Privacy Seriously

JIBB has been built from the ground up with our user’s security and privacy in mind. All your content is encrypted and JIBB’s AI-powered auto-capture feature makes it easier than ever to safely and securely keep track of all your most important ideas, and not on your employee’s personal devices.

No content data is stored on JIBB’s cloud or any third-party vendor

Everything is encrypted in transit and encryption at rest

Enterprise security certified by third parties (AWS FTR & ProcessUnity)

"Hybrid Collaboration Made Easy"

Listen to JIBB's CEO, Masoud Douzan, discuss how the 'hybrid whiteboard' makes collaboration better together with Webex on the Cisco Podcast Network.

JIBB Resources

JIBB Datasheet

Unlock JIBB's full potential! Get our datasheet for key features and specifications.


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