The Bridge Between Physical and Digital Collaboration

JIBB transforms any physical writing surface into the centerpiece of your hybrid meetings, providing a clear and unified collaboration experience for all participants.

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Share Your Whiteboard

JIBB transforms your existing camera into a whiteboard content camera, digitally enhancing handwriting for crystal clear viewing in Webex, Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet meetings.

More than just a whiteboard camera

Quickly engage meeting participants by simply scanning the workspace QR code, allowing them to annotate. Once the meeting is finished, every key moment is captured with Auto-save and sent to your inbox as a PDF, ensuring no idea is lost.

JIBB annotation example
How it Works

Simplicity Meets Sophistication

Experience seamless collaboration through JIBB’s one-touch feature with Cisco’s Room Series devices, or enjoy the flexibility of ‘Bring Your Own Device’, enabling whiteboard sharing on your laptop or mobile phone via any browser.

It’s advanced technology, simplified.

Level up your device

With a tap on the Cisco Room Navigator's JIBB button, the camera snaps to your whiteboard, enabling real-time writing and sharing.

Order via Cisco

Buy JIBB Room Licenses for your devices through your existing Cisco Reseller or Partner on Solutions Plus.

Collaborate from Anywhere

Collaborate with JIBB in any context using your mobile phone (iOS, Android), built-in webcam, and external USB cameras, bringing the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Discover JIBB's Potential

Intrigued by what JIBB offers? Request a free license and begin sharing your content in real time.

Getting Started

Any Room. Any Camera.

JIBB’s compatibility extends to any whiteboard, camera, or room, promoting a seamless integration without altering your existing meeting setup.

Conference Rooms

Get all stakeholders on board in even the largest of rooms, making sure everyone feels heard. 

Recommended Cisco Devices: 
Cisco Room Kit Plus
- Cisco Room Kit EQ 
- Cisco Roon Kit Pro
- Cisco PTZ 4K Camera

Whiteboard Distance: 6 - 9 Metres

Meeting Rooms

Collaborate together in an everyday meeting space, without leaving remote participants behind.

Recommended Cisco Devices:
- Cisco Room Kit
- Cisco Room Bar Pro

Whiteboard Distance: 3 - 7 Metres 

Huddle Rooms

Big ideas, small room, get more out of your huddle room whiteboard with JIBB.

Recommended Cisco Devices:
- Cisco Room Kit Mini
- Cisco Room USB
- Cisco Room Bar

Whiteboard Distance: 2 - 4.5 Metres

Home Office

A personal setup where you can work from home, while still collaborating with everyone in the office.

Recommended Cameras:
- Any 4K USB camera
- Built-in Webcam
- Mobile (iOS & Android)

Whiteboard Distance: 2 Metres

Enterprise Security

JIBB takes Data Security & Privacy Seriously

JIBB has been built from the ground up with our user’s security and privacy in mind. All your content is encrypted and JIBB’s AI-powered auto-capture feature makes it easier than ever to safely and securely keep track of all your most important ideas, and not on your employee’s personal devices.

No content data is stored on JIBB’s cloud or any third-party vendor

Everything is encrypted in transit and encryption at rest

Enterprise security certified by third parties (AWS FTR & ProcessUnity)

JIBB's Technology

Intelligently Intuitive

JIBB is a patented, one-of-a-kind software technology that uses AI to detect your writing surface and only extract and display your handwritten content and ignore people and objects so your whiteboarding session is clear, accurate and distraction free.

Whiteboard Detection

JIBB’s AI technology is trained to automatically detect writing surfaces, such as a whiteboard, lapboard, flipchart, and paper.

Presenter Removal

JIBB’s AI can remove objects by identifying and ignoring items such as whiteboard erasers, magnets, people, pens, or any other objects that might get in the way of the camera.

Perspective Correction

JIBB’s AI  processes the images in real time and intelligently adjusts them for skewing so your content is represented accurately from any angle.


Remote workers are being left behind 

In a hybrid world, $45 billion is lost annually to disjointed meetings. Despite tech advancements, 80% of professionals yearn for the touch of a dry-erase whiteboard. 

JIBB is the bridge. It melds physical and digital whiteboards, seamlessly integrating into existing workflows and communications platforms.

For unified collaboration, choose JIBB.

Collaborate Better

With JIBB, distance is no barrier. Whether in the boardroom or miles away, everyone has real-time, interactive access to the whiteboard. It's more than just viewing; it's about active collaboration, ensuring every voice is both seen and heard.

Secure your corporate knowledge

JIBB's auto-save turns every whiteboard session into saved corporate knowledge, aligning with compliance standards. While preserving discussions, JIBB ensures data privacy, never storing client data. Your insights are both preserved and protected.

No learning curve or creative restrictions

Complex ideas need a quick, accessible canvas. Whiteboarding provides that, allowing rapid notation of thoughts. Teams can sketch and share concepts seamlessly, ensuring every idea is instantly captured, enriching brainstorming and enhancing problem-solving.

Ready to Transform Your Hybrid Whiteboarding Experience?

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